Dear Karma…

Dear Karma,

Today you paid me back and you got me good, girl. I had it all planned out to go out and work a full day since it was fourth of July. I woke up an hour later than what I had anticipated but all was well, I was still able to get out and start.

I turned on the apps and although orders were coming in slowly, I still lost no hope. I intended to work until 8 pm. Later on during the day, I caught myself canceling an order, but doing so by lying and telling Support that something bad had happened to me while en route when in reality, I was just far away and was going to deliver this food much later than anticipated. I didn’t feel like dealing with an angry customer and I didn’t want to get a low rating so I lied. I wound up getting paid for the canceled order and I made my way back into the area I wanted to work in and paused my shift so I could cool down and grab some food. I felt like you would be paying me a visit for what I had done but I just didn’t know how soon or in what way. I felt your ass coming.

After I left the restaurant, I jumped on my scooter to turn it on and it wouldn’t turn on. “Typical,” I thought. This has been happening to me a lot since the temperature has been hotter. I quickly got someone’s attention and asked for a jump. The guy was nice enough to give my battery a jump and I was quickly on my way.

“Great,” I thought. All will be well and I can finish the day strong. I went ahead and grabbed my next order, hoping the battery wouldn’t die again and then headed to the customer’s house to deliver her food. After the delivery, which didn’t last any more than 2 minutes, I jumped back on my bike and guess what, it didn’t turn on.

This time I was in a residential area, and no one was around for me to ask for help. A taxi came by and dropped off these people and he actually tried to help me but the bike still wouldn’t turn over. This literally killed a good hour of my time. I couldn’t let this guy just sit there so I thanked him for attempting to help me and I let him go.

I was frustrated because this has been happening a lot and I am over it. But I needed to get myself back on the road and I promised myself that I would go home if I could just get the bike to turn over one last time.

I asked this family across the street that was out in the front yard. I hesitated for a long time to ask them because I just felt like they wouldn’t want to help me. Let’s be perfectly honest here. I feel like certain types of people are more hesitant to help someone they don’t know versus other types of people. When I approached them, they seemed nice but as I had suspected earlier, they were hesitant. I felt bad for even being in this predicament but I also understood that this was you, Karma. You were repaying me for what had transpired earlier.

I talked with them for a while and they just kept looking at each other like, “Should we do it? I don’t really want to, I’m enjoying my family time, she’s right there what do I say?” And then finally the father relented and reluctantly said yes.

All I needed was a damn battery jump, is that really the most someone can ask? Like come on, it’s not like I’m asking you to leave the vicinity and go somewhere completely out of your way, but hey. I had to play the game if I wanted to get my ass home.

The granddad ended up being very nice and he kind of made the interaction less awkward. And that was only because he’s a motorcycle rider. There’s something unique about bike riders. It’s like this underlying camaraderie they all have for one another. He looked out for me and I appreciated that.

My bike took a while to turn over but thank God it did!! I thanked everyone and let them know I appreciated them taking the time out of their day to help me out and then wished them a great rest of the day. I drove off and although I really wanted to keep working, I relented and decided to keep my silent promise and just go home.

Damn you Karma, you got me good. But I learned my lesson. Stop fucking lying and just don’t take an order from two different platforms at the same time if you won’t be able to get them both done in a timely manner.



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