Date Day With My Honey in Downtown Chicago!

I need to remember to put the laptop down and go out more often !!

Part of my self-care, self-love regimen has been to force myself to go out and do something that has nothing to do with work. My boyfriend and I have been so stressed lately with life’s shenanigans and we haven’t spent much time just being together, doing couple things. So I decided to get us motivated to go to Downtown Chicago and re-explore the city a bit.

First, we took an Uber to Millennium Park and began our little adventure there. The scenery was so awesome but it kept raining hard randomly and for short periods of time. It was all good. We had an umbrella.

This was after the first mini downpour. It dried up rather quickly because it was hot out. The flower beds were so nice too, but you can see those better in my vlog here.

The park is really nice to just walk around the garden or the amphitheater that is attached to it. I got some really cool footage in my vlog if you want to check it out here.

We walked around together for a little bit and then it started raining again so once again, we pulled the umbrella out and just stood together in a corner under some trees. It was rather romantic.?

The bean was so beautiful to look at! I’ve seen it a bunch of times but just being there again really made it special to me. The first time I saw the bean was when my boyfriend took me exploring around the city when I first moved to Chicago. He wasn’t my boyfriend then. I had known him for some years, he moved over here from Detroit and I moved over here from Florida. We knew each other because we are both in the street dance community. We’re both dancers.

I got hungry quickly because I had a light breakfast before heading out, so we left kind of early. Plus, it was going to rain again so we wanted to walk towards an area we could take shelter in just in case the downpour became more intense. But of course, we couldn’t leave before getting some awesome portraits of myself. Here’s one I really love:

He is a photographer and a damn good one! I felt pretty in my sunhat, oversized sunglasses, and bright pink lippie.



We sat down by another garden and played a little more with our cameras.

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Afterward, we made our way to Whole Foods and had an amazing meal there.We then walked over to the John Hancock Building and took some more pics there.

Before leaving, we noticed a Stan’s Donuts and my boyfriend nearly lost his mind lol. He loves Stan’s Donuts. He didn’t end up buying anything because they were almost out of donuts so they didn’t have what he wanted. It was getting kind of late and everything was starting to close. So, as we waited for our Uber, he took some more pics of me. I haven’t taken any new pics in a long time. My hair has changed, even my appearance and how I dress has changed, so I was definitely due for some new pictures. I loved the attention he was giving me.

All in all, we walked around and had some dinner but this was much needed. Sometimes I forget that the little things are what make life so interesting and fun. I have to do more of the little things. I get so caught up with trying to survive that I forget to live once in a while.

The next time you find yourself having a rough week, day or month, just take a moment to do something for yourself. It is the single most valuable thing you can do for your mental health. You get a moment to just reset your mind and think of yourself and your happiness for once. Even if that happiness comes in the form of a meal, a walk in the park, or a moment under the umbrella with a loved one.

With light and positivity,


P.S.- Check out the vlog from this outing here.

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