How To Travel Germ-Free On Planes

Plane travel Seat Sitters
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Getting sick whenever I travel is the worst

Hello Life Travelers! Who has ever gotten sick after a plane ride during travel? I know I have! In the past, I’ve blamed the change in weather or the food I’ve eaten a lot of the times I’ve gotten sick while traveling.

The truth is, airplanes are some of the dirtiest and germ-filled places. The air inside the planes is not fresh, and it gets recirculated. If you have sick passengers on board, you’d better believe that all of those airborne germs are floating around EVERYWHERE.

In between flights when the crew cleans the cabin, the seats aren’t typically wiped down with disinfectant wipes or anything like that. They may check and wipe crumbs off, but that’s about it.

Thank goodness I found this new must have product for any and all plane travel.

A New Must Have for Travel

I recently got a plane travel kit from this company called Seat Sitters. They offer a disposable travel kit for planes.

The Seat Sitters plane travel kit includes:

  • Disposable wet wipes
  • 1 Face mask
  • 1 Tray table cover
  • 1 Airplane seat cover
  • 1 Peanut allergy warning sticker
Plane travel Seat Sitters
Germ-free plane rides are the new trend!

I got a chance to use the kit during my last trip to Florida a couple of months ago. The kit was very easy to use.

After I boarded the plane, I had my doubts because I felt like people might stare at me once I’d try to put the Seat Sitters cover on my chair. I also wondered how easy it would actually be to put the cover on if I had to sit next to other passengers. I didn’t want to hold up the line of passengers trying to board just so I could put a seat cover on my chair.

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Surprisingly, it was extremely fast and easy to put the Seat Sitters cover on despite the seats being so close to each other. Sure, I got the stares, but they were stares of amazement, lol. I heard a couple of people saying that it was very smart of me to do that and they commented on how sanitary that was. The passenger in my row even asked me about the seat cover, and he mentioned how cool it was.

I enjoyed sitting on a seat’s surface on the plane that I knew no one else had sat on. The fabric used for the seat cover, face mask and tray table cover is made from the same material that reusable grocery bags are made of.  It’s the same texture at least.

I was sold after my first flight with it. I will never travel on a plane without a Seat Sitters cover again!

Watch my Seat Sitters unbagging video here

Where can I get Seat Sitters’ travel kit ?

Seat sitters’ products are easy to find. You can currently find them here.

This is a great investment if you ask me. Especially if your main mode of transportation is plane travel when you go on vacations. The Seat Sitters kit doesn’t even take up much space to carry. I always travel with a small bag anyway with my snacks and water bottle, so I usually just stick it in that bag.

That’s it for now Travelers! Go pick up your own Seat Sitters travel kit for plane travel before your next vacay. If you’ve used Seat Sitters already or if you’ve ever thought of using something like this, let me know in the comments below!

Wishing you lots of germ-free plane travel and positivity,


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    1. LadyX

      Yes, it’s so easy to get sick nowadays, I am just glad these are available now for us when we travel!

  1. Lisa Kie

    Wow, this is actually a great idea. I usually travel with wipes only, but having the tray cover and seat cover is genus. I love this! Thanks for the tip!~

    1. LadyX

      No worries! You can get at least 5 washes out of one disposable cover too, which makes the price for the kit worth it!

  2. Brittany

    I have only rode a plane once. Luckily I didn’t get sick, because I did nothing to try and prevent getting all germed up. But this seat cover and wipes are a great idea for anyone traveling when the flu and strep is going around.

    1. LadyX

      Right! It’s all about making sure we are not contributing to the germ-fest that is the plane, LOL.

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