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Man has it been a really crazy year! I wanted to travel more this year, but I actually wound up staying in Chicago for most of the year. I started the year off with a trip back to Florida for a dance event, but I didn’t leave home much after that. The reason for that is because I decided that I wanted to move to Las Vegas, and so I began to explore Las Vegas as a place to live in. In order for me to do that, I had to stay home and begin to work on clearing out my debt, restructure my business so I could have income flowing no matter where I moved to, and make sure I saved as much money as possible for this move to Las Vegas. I decided to take a trip to Las Vegas and explore this city in a whole new way. I had 4 days to find an area I liked and get to know this city in a more intimate way.

Check out my vlog from my Vegas trip!

Las Vegas is a low-cost city

Mountains in the horizon

One of the first things I learned about Las Vegas was that it is a rather inexpensive place to live in. I was able to find apartments that had many great amenities for hundreds of dollars less than what it would cost in Chicago.

The food was also relatively cheap. There were lots of great places to visit for breakfast, lunch or dinner, along with some really cool coffee and dessert shops. I was mainly looking in an area called Enterprise, and I was pleased to find that everything was practically within walking distance. The apartment rates are low enough to convince me to move to Las Vegas. Onward!

Las Vegas is a multi-season city

Las Vegas

The one thing I was very happy about was that you get all the seasons in Las Vegas. I used to live in Florida, and I hated the weather there. It was always just hot. No seasons, just hot and humid. Although you get a winter season in Las Vegas, it is nothing compared to the winters you endure when living in Chicago. I can most definitely live with that. What makes me most excited about this is that I get a longer riding season in Las Vegas than I do in Chicago. I would probably stop riding during the summer since it’d be too hot to do that, but it would be a fairly short time of not riding my motorcycle.

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Las Vegas is close to many nature attractions

Zion National Park

One of the things that I’m so excited about moving to Las Vegas is the fact that I will be so much closer to some pretty great national parks and other natural wonders such as the Grand Canyon. I have always dreamed of traveling the world and seeing many of its wonders in person. This will be my chance to start that Natural Wonder Bucketlist. I have also never been camping, and I really want to do that when I move to Las Vegas. I want to cruise down a river, hike a mountain, visit a national park, and film some really cool content while I visit those places. Here are some of the attractions that are close to Las Vegas:

  • Red Rock Canyon
  • Valley Of Fire
  • The Grand Canyon
  • Death Valley National Park
  • Bryce Canyon National Park
  • Zion National Park
The Grand Canyon

Well, there you have it. These findings are what made me finally decide to make the next interstate move from the mid-west to the west coast. So far, I have moved from New York to Florida, from Florida to Illinois, and now from Illinois to Nevada. Who knows where I will end up next, but I am so excited and so ready to begin this new chapter.

What are some cool facts about the state that you live in? If you had nothing in your way, where would you live? Chat later, Life Travelers!

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