Travel Vlog: Day 6 // 5 Lessons I learned in Jamaica

I’m at the end of my trip!

My last Jamaica travel vlog was about 5 lessons I learned in Jamaica. It was only 5 days but I felt rejuvenated. It’s my last day in Jamaica and I am not exactly going straight home after this. I am making a pit stop in Florida for the night. I wanted to see my mom really quick. She lives in Florida and my connecting flight back to Chicago is in Florida.

So off I went, back on the plane and on to Florida. I was actually ready to leave. I can’t sit still for too long in one place, even if it’s a beautiful place like Jamaica. We had one last Jamaican meal and then we were off to the airport.

Everything was good until we realized we had no way to get to the airport.

The person who was supposed to drive us disappeared on us last minute, and we didn’t know any other drivers that could get us to the airport. Worst case scenario, we would have had to walk since we were only 5 minutes driving distance from the airport. But it was hot and I was not in a great mood that day so I was hoping I would not have to walk. Thank god we found someone at the restaurant that was willing to give us a lift to the airport.

This was definitely a moment where I learned one of my lessons in Jamaica

That morning, I woke up very early to shoot the last part of my Jamaica dance video. I posted the whole video on my last blog post here. After I shot the last scenes of my video, I had to shower and then get packed up. Since I had packed like a minimalist, everything had to get rolled up and organized a certain way. It took a little time but I got it done. Needless to say, I was not in a great mood because I was not well-rested. I was sleepy, hot, and over it. LOL, I just wanted to get to a bed and relax. Jamaica, you were good to me (for the most part) but I was more than ready to say, “Goodbye for now.”

I was fighting with myself to stay in a tolerable mood because I found myself snapping at my travel buddy when I really didn’t need to be annoyed. It’s because I’m a Cancer, LOL. I’m always so up and down with my moods.

Anyway, this is my last vlog for this trip so I will stop here and you can watch and pick up from where I just left off. I am leaving you with 5 things I learned in Jamaica.

Sending you lots of hugs and positivity,


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