The Museum of Contemporary Art In Chicago!

Free museum day in Chicago at the Museum of Contemporary Art!

There’s something about art exhibits that just makes me completely forget about what’s going on in the outside world.

I spent a day at the Museum of Contemporary Art in downtown Chicago for my birthday today and I have so much to share about this day! I have been visiting Chicago museums since I moved here and all of them have been great so far.

First, I started by taking an Uber downtown with my boyfriend. He works downtown and had to work on my birthday so I planned a special outing just for me. I wanted to experience celebrating my birthday alone. I had every intention of making this day into a fun one and enjoy it to the fullest.

I walked over to the Metra Market across the street from his job and had a nice vegan lunch from Vegan Now. It was so good!

Vegan lunch from Vegan Now at the Metra Market in Downtown Chicago

After lunch, I jumped on a bus and rode over to the Museum of Contemporary Art which is right by the Water Tower in Downtown Chicago.

This museum was smaller than all the other museums I have visited out here in Chicago but I spent the whole afternoon and evening in it and still had to rush a little to get through it all before they closed.

There was one really large exhibit and a bunch of smaller ones. I started with all the smaller ones and worked my way from the bottom floor all the way to the third floor. I started with the Heaven And Earth exhibit where I saw the three basketballs floating in water.

Floating basketballs exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art

So cool, right? The water has some sort of chemical that keeps the balls afloat.

After that, I walked over to the OTOBONG NKANGA: TO DIG A HOLE THAT COLLAPSES AGAIN and saw this:

Cracked wall exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art

I love this wall it’s so cool looking!

Here are some more shots from this exhibit:

cloth portrait with pictures exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art
wall sculpture exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art

I walked downstairs to see what else was there and went down these steps. There were no exhibits, just the snack shop and bathrooms.

staircase leading to the basement level of the museum of contemporary art

I low-key wanted to lay down in that canopy but people were taking pictures in it, LOL.

ENDLESS SUMMER was a small and simple exhibit. This floating egg caught my eye.

floating egg exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art

There wasn’t much in this one, I was able to finish the exhibit in about 5 minutes.

Endless Summer exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art

There were some other exhibits before the main one, I didn’t catch the names of all of them. There was one where people would take pictures with old pictures at the location where the original picture was taken from. It was so nutty but so interesting.

Pictures of pictures exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art

This was one of the best Chicago Museums I have visited!

The largest exhibit was called I WAS RAISED ON THE INTERNET  and it contained close to 100 works. It split up into about 8-10 rooms of all kinds of media. Videos, paintings, pictures, 2 VR experiences, audio, I mean just so much! It was crazy to me because it was depicting how everything has changed from the way we communicate to the way we see everything now since the internet came to exist. And I can definitely say I was there when it started so I have experienced life without internet and life now, with the internet. Here are some of my favorite pieces from the exhibit.

This was such an experience for me! I’ll truly never forget it! I left the museum close to closing time and stopped in at the Water Tower for my free birthday drink at Starbucks. Yum. Oh! and did I mention this visit was completely free? It was! This museum is free on Tuesdays for Illinois residents. The entire museum was accesible to me and I loved it.

After that, my friend picked me up and we went out for some drinks. Met up with some more friends, my boyfriend came over after he got off work and we had a fantastic evening. I really enjoyed my day at the Museum Of Contemporary Art in Chicago and would definitely go back again. Not bad for a day all alone. I talked more about that in another blog post here. Check it out.

So that’s it for today’s adventure! What are your favorite museums of all time? I’d love to know! I might make an adventure out of this and visit museums from all over the country. Sound off below!

‘Til next time fellow Life Travelers,


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