Dear Life Traveler…I Hate My Career

dear life traveler what to do if you're not happy with my career

Dear Life Traveler,

I have been having a trying week. I hate my career. I am currently doing a lot on a daily basis to keep this income flowing but I am very tired of the routine. I don’t want to keep doing the same shit over and over. I feel like I shouldn’t complain because I don’t work a regular 9-5 like everyone else and I am in the profession of my choice. But I have bigger dreams. This was a stepping stone, not a lifelong career.

How do you keep going once you have realized that this path has reached its end?

I need the money because I am still fighting the neverending, “Get out of debt” battle. However, I also need time to develop these new businesses I have been trying to focus on. You see, I have been a dance teacher for almost two decades. Compared to my boyfriend and even a lot of my friends, I’ve got it really good. I make my own schedule, I pick the schools to teach in, and I have been working long enough in this field to make good money from it. I only have to work less than 20 hours a week to make what most people make if they work 40-60 hours.

I should not be complaining, yet here I am. Unhappy. In a career that feels stagnant. I want more out of life. Why can’t I dream for something more? Is it alright to settle?

I want to travel the world, I want to have a successful blog. I want to thrive in my creativity and release lots of content that will not only benefit dancers but artists as a whole. I want to create an impact, I want to leave a mark before I leave this earth. I want to change someone’s life, and I want to spend my time meaningfully. I do not want to impart my knowledge on anyone if they don’t truly deserve it or need it. I don’t want to have to wake up early in the morning if I don’t want to. I want to live happily and freely.

Who else thinks like this? Is it just me? Am I the only one that is unhappy in her career?

How many people live like this on a daily basis their entire life? How many people look at their dreams as something off in the distance, far from their reach? I do not want to be a part of this unlucky group of people. I want to beat the odds. I want to look back when I am much older and say, “I did it.”

How many life travelers out there believe that they will make their dreams come true in their lifetime? How many will fight with me and stand up for themselves? We can do this! WE MUST DO THIS! 

I refuse to believe that I will just continue to dream big while I stay stuck in a situation I no longer want to be in. I think the real question should be, “How hard are you willing to work to get out of this as soon as possible?”

Thank God for my yoga practice. This has really helped me to stay centered and focused on my endeavors. I can do this. I really don’t have to be in this situation anymore if I don’t want to. AND I DON’T WANT TO.

Stay strong, fellow life traveler. Stay strong.

I am here… fighting this battle with you.


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