Travel Vlog: Snorkeling on my Trip to Jamaica Day 2!

The 2nd day of my trip to Jamaica was a fun one

This day was when my trip to Jamaica really got started. It started out with a relaxing moment at the pool, testing out my underwater camera equipment because I wanted to go out and film at the beach. My travel buddy and I spent the day together, talking and getting to know each other better. It was really nice, actually.

If you haven’t seen Day 1, click here to catch up and then come back to this post.

Getting to know a new friend you took a trip to Jamaica with sounds weird, right?

I guess so, but I’m not here to be proper. I don’t care. I am always that person that will do unconventional shit and try new things, have new experiences, and just live differently. He and I talked about a lot of things, I learned about his insane eating habits, which I documented heavily during the trip, LOL. We talked about our cultures, our upbringing, relationships, etc.

If you ever go on a trip to Jamaica, make sure you indulge in the food

The food is so good. I am a vegetarian and I was very pleased to find alternative meal choices that were in line with my dietary guidelines. Their vegetables were my most favorite. I don’t typically eat spicy food but I really didn’t have a choice while I was out there because Jamaica is known for having spicy food. Surprisingly though, it was so good. I couldn’t have enough of it. I had eaten Jamaican food before because I have dated Jamaican men in the past but there’s nothing like eating Jamaican food in Jamaica. ?

Sandbar at Doctor’s Cave actually had a tofu and veggies dish with rice and peas (that’s what they call beans) and it was to die for. My favorite meal of the trip, hands down.

Snorkeling on my trip to Jamaica? Yes, please!

The experience was everything! I had never snorkeled before and I’m surprised at myself because I lived in Florida for so long but I’m glad my first experience was in Jamaica. It was beautiful!

Anyway, enough writing. Let’s get to the good stuff! Watch my vlog for Day 2 in Jamaica and let me know what you thought!

Once again, click here to check out Day 1 if you haven’t already.

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