Travel Vlog: Back in Florida Judging and Performing!

Back In Florida Judging and PerformingBack In Florida Judging and PerformingBack In Florida Judging and PerformingBack In Florida Judging and PerformingBack In Florida Judging and Performing

I’m Back in Florida judging and performing for my friends’ dance competition.

This trip to Florida was everything. I literally had a blast from the time I got there up until the time I left. And now that I think of it, I had a really good time because of my mental status. My outlook and the way I approached my interactions with people is what really set the tone for the trip. I really felt a change in me this time around during this Florida trip. More on this topic here.

Being back in Florida was so refreshing.

I had not been back since February. And I missed my dance family so much. There is something about having at least a day with your day ones (your friends that have been there since the beginning) that just recharges you for the next few months when you are back home in your new city.

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I didn’t exactly head to the beaches or any of the tourist locations but Florida is so much more than that.

It’s the people in Florida that really make the trip what it is. Florida is filled with people from so many different backgrounds. It really is a melting pot. Kind of like a major city but hot as hell, lol. Florida is where I started to chase my dream as a performance artist. And it was because of the diversity in the influence that I was exposed to. People from all over live there and dance there. The talent in Florida is very high.

All in all, I had an amazing time just kickin’ it with my friends and family in Florida and I documented it like I always do every time I fly out of state. I had a blast judging and performing. I had not danced like that all summer since I have been so busy working on my new business ventures such as this blog. I got really anxious like I always do before performances because I suffer from performance anxiety. It gets really bad. I had to write a letter the day after just to start to make sense of this thing that takes over my body every time I want to perform. Read my letter here.

If you are looking for a reason to go to Florida, just come for the culture and then make your way over there.

Between the hot weather (for those who like to sweat lol) to the diversity in culture, to the awesome food and a lot of opportunities to witness all types of art forms at many events, being back in Florida was just what I needed to center myself once more and show myself a little self-love and self-care by spending some time with loved ones. So, if you’re looking for a place to relax and possibly even balance your chakras, Florida is definitely a good place to go.


With Love and Light,


P.S. Who has ever gone to one of these dance events? Would you be open to attending events like these even if you aren’t artistically inclined? Sound off below and let me know!

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