Top 5 Travel Containers for Toiletries

Amazon top 5 picks for toiletry containers

My Top 5 Travel Containers from Amazon

Hey Life Travelers! Welcome back to another post of my top 5 travel items to buy from Amazon. This time around, I wanted to find you the best deals for travel containers. Every time I start packing for a trip, one of the most daunting tasks I have to complete is figuring out which travel containers I am going to use to pack my toiletry items.

What kind of travel containers can you use?

Depending on how long you’re traveling for, you can use smaller travel containers to bring your products in if you know you won’t run out while you’re on your trip. If I will be traveling for 2-3 days, I like to use my glass dropper bottles for things such as face oils and even facial cleaners. If you’re traveling for a little longer than just a weekend, then you can use travel containers like the ones in this video.

Top 5 Recommended toiletry containers from Amazon

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Here are the top 5 recommended toiletry containers for travel. For a more in-depth review of each product, check out the video in this post.

🔷Lingito travel bottle set w/ cosmetic containers

4.5 Stars | $6.99 | Four 2 oz bottles, two 1 oz containers | BPA free | TSA approved

🔷Bariho travel jars

4.5 Stars | $8.99 | Five .7 oz jars | Comes in 5 colors: Green, blue, pink, yellow, and clear | BPA free

🔷Amphism 2.7oz Leak proof travel bottles

4.5 Stars | $10.49 | Four 2.7 oz bottles | FDA approved | BPA free | Suction cups on the bottle for sticking to walls

🔷Opaceluuk 4 in 1 Travel bottle set

5 Stars | $7.99 | 4-in1 bottle | TSA approved | Spill/leak proof

🔷OTO 6- pack travel size bottles 30ml/1oz

4.5 Stars | $7.99 | Six 1 oz bottles | Made from Food grade HDPE | BPA free

Which container set was your favorite?

Which of the featured top 5 travel containers did you like the most? Which one would you buy? My personal favorite was the 4-in-1 travel container, but that’s just because I really like to travel like a minimalist. The less containers, the better for me!

Sound off below, and let me know which travel container was your favorite. I’ll see you guys soon on my next Top 5 from Amazon post!

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