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Hey Life Travelers!

It’s been a while since I’ve shared any products or resources with you all, and I am super excited to share this new product I just received in the mail. Lately, the emails and articles I’ve been getting and reading all have the following phrase that gets on my nerves. That phrase is, “In light of COVID-19.” But now, I am going to write it here as well, lol. In light of COVID-19, traveling has been seriously affected and it has completely changed how we travel. However, I came across an item that can be used once we are all in the clear to start traveling again, or even now during your day-to-day. I am talking about PlaneAire®, an all-natural surface and air purifier.

PlaneAire® is plant-based, and it’s made from 100% pure certified organic essential oils and fruit acids. It can be used to be purify surfaces while traveling, and on all frequently touched surfaces and frequently entered spaces. You can even use this product to clean your gym equipment or yoga mats.

PlaneAire® is non-aerosol, it comes in a TSA size-approved container, and it contains no preservatives or any other harsh chemicals. To use, simply spray in the air to purify, spray directly on the surface you want to disinfect, or spray on a paper product to wipe any surface you want to clean.

I’ve been using it with a napkin to wipe my work desk, and I’ve sprayed the air in my workspace and in my bedroom. I also tried it on a car rental recently. The scent is strong, but it doesn’t linger for a long time. PlaneAire® stated on their website that this product can be used while you’re on the plane, but I am wondering if other passengers would be annoyed if I started spraying this while in close proximity to them. I would most likely be inclined to spray this on a paper towel and use it to wipe the tray table and armrests, but I do not know if the flight attendants would mind having someone spray something in the air on a plane. I am definitely going to take this with me on my next trip and try it out.

In the meantime, PlaneAire® has become one of the items I carry regularly in my bag. I really love using natural products, and this product has definitely become one of my go-to products whenever I want to disinfect any of my personal items or just my space. It’s a pretty good deodorizer too, especially if you enjoy natural herbal scents. I have to reiterate that the scent is pretty strong, but it does dissipate, and it doesn’t take long before it does.

The price for one of these bottles is currently at $14.99 for 2 ounces of product, but a little goes a long way. You don’t need to use a whole lot to disinfect or deodorize, so this product will definitely last a while. To purchase PlaneAire®, you can visit their site

I hope you give this one a try because it most certainly will come in handy.

Until next time, Life Travelers!
Lady X

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