10 Tips: Learn How To Pack Like A Minimalist

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Pack your clothes in Compression Cubes

  • The first and one of the most important tips to learn how to pack like a minimalist is to invest in compression packing cubes like these. I love using Gonex Compression Cubes because they allow you to get rid of the excess space in a bag when you’ve filled it up with your clothes. You’d be surprised how much you can fit into those little bags. I travel with a 20-liter book bag, and I can fit everything I need with these. They’re amazing! 

Avoid carrying extra luggage

  • Another tip that will help you learn how to pack like a minimalist is to check the airlines you like to fly with and get the measurement requirements for the free personal item. If you like to travel cheap, you know Spirit airlines has the best deals. If you pack wisely, you can pack for a week’s vacation in one bag. I normally travel only with my free personal item which has everything I need for my trip. I also make sure that my travel bag has a compartment for my laptop, so there’s no need to carry a separate laptop bag (Get $10 off your ebags order here).

Choose your travel outfit wisely

  • If you want to pack like a minimalist when traveling, make sure you wear your bulkiest clothes and shoes onto the plane. You can always change once you’re through or when you arrive. Avoid bringing jeans and heavy sweaters, but if you must, wear the heaviest items on the plane. Stick to bringing two pairs of shoes MAX. The ones you wear on the plane, and another small pair in your bag. 

Pack your make-up efficiently

  • For the minimalist packer that likes to wear make-up, there are ways to pack these items. Use trial size palettes or bring your makeup in small containers. I have several small palettes of eyeshadow, so I can create more than one look. I carry my bronzer, moisturizer, and foundation in small bottles or containers. Keep the trial size containers when you finish the product and refill with your makeup product. Invest in a brush bag for all of your brushes. Use dual-sided brushes so you bring fewer brushes with you. I like to use Eco Tool brushes. They are affordable, good quality, and they have dual-sided face brushes and eye brushes as well. After all, some minimalists like to wear makeup too!

Pack your clothes using this method

  • A great method that helps when packing like a minimalist is to roll your clothes. Bring neutral-colored pants so you can match with more shirts. A lot of times I’ll bring more shirts than pants and then I’ll mix and match. I also bring leggings because they take up less space. If you really want to bring jeans with you, wear those onto the plane as you go and when you come back.

Wash what you pack

  • If you know you’ll have access to a washer and dryer, carry fewer undergarments and just wash them when they all get dirty. A minimalist will always carry what is absolutely necessary and then wash when necessary. I may do this more with socks and bras. I typically always carry more undies than socks and bras.

Don’t pack too many shoes

  • Shoes can be really tough for anyone who is used to matching their outfits to their shoes all the time, but to pack like a minimalist, the best tip would be to bring neutral colored shoes that will match all your outfits. I typically carry an extra pair of nice sandals or low profile sneakers/slip-ons in my bag, and I wear my bulkiest sneakers/boots on board. Bringing black, beige (tan), or white shoes will certainly match with pretty much any outfit you bring. You should bring two pairs of shoes MAX!

Use the pockets of your jacket/hoodie

  • Invest in a travel jacket/hoodie like one of these. I have one of these and it has been so convenient for trips! I can carry my iPad, iPhone, battery charger, glasses, wallet, even food, and drinks. These jackets come with so many pockets, leaving more room in your bag for essentials.

Small containers are the way to go

  • Minimalists will tell you to use small containers for your toiletries, or you can always just buy your soap when you arrive at your destination. I use soft, silicone refillable bottles and those have been so useful, but sometimes I buy the travel-sized containers at my destination and then dump the empty bottles before leaving.

Organize your wires

  • Organize your charging cords in a slim travel case like the one pictured above. I can fit my hard drive and even some of my GoPro essentials in there. It keeps all of my cables organized and in one place.

Bonus Tips To Learn How To Pack Like A Minimalist

  • Buy a charging hub like the one pictured above to avoid carrying all of the charging blocks. My hub can connect up to 10 USB cables at one time. You’ll only need one outlet for all your devices!
  • Last but never least, organizing is key! The better you organize, the more you can fit into your bag. This is the most important tip to learn how to pack like a minimalist. Don’t overpack. Only carry what you know you will actually use. You’d be surprised how many things we tend to pack that we never use on trips. I’m certainly guilty of this. 

Hope you enjoyed reading my personal tips on how to pack like a minimalist. If you follow all the tips here, you’ll save a lot of space, money and time spent packing the next time you decide to travel!

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Until next time, Life Travelers!

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