Travel Vlog: My Wonderful Trip To Jamaica Part 1

Does taking a solo trip to Jamaica seem good to you?

I took a trip to Jamaica and I went alone.

Many people would agree that going on such a trip alone is insane. But I did it. I loved it. I wasn’t completely alone, I had a travel buddy with me, but we weren’t together for every single outing. We kind of did our own thing. I had a lot of time to just be lazy and do nothing, or be social and go out. I was out there for 5 days and I vlogged it all.

This trip was healing in so many ways. I’ll list them little by little as I post each vlog. This trip to Jamaica was what really catapulted my new journey as a life traveler that is learning how to love being alone. I’ve never liked being alone and I always feared it. I know it stemmed from the issues I’ve carried with me since childhood. Not having my father around and always being treated poorly by other family members created this fear of abandonment and lack of self-love.

How did I even get the idea to take a solo trip to Jamaica?

After attending my friend’s NYE party, I met this guy who is a long-time friend of the friend who hosted the party. We danced for a while and he was really nice. We friended each other on Facebook and that was that. A week or so later, he posts on Facebook about wanting to take a trip to Jamaica and wanting to go with a travel buddy. I immediately became interested in the idea of joining a perfect stranger on a trip to another country. I messaged him and we talked about it for a while. I decided to go for it.

I know, it sounds crazy, right? I guess so. But I go off my intuition a lot and I just felt good the whole time about this decision. We booked the AirBnB, the flights, and then talked about what we would be doing while we were out there. We really didn’t have any plans we were both willing to just figure it out once we got there.

I told my boyfriend what I had decided to do…

He didn’t understand it at first. First and foremost, I was leaving on Valentine’s day. Not that I celebrate holidays, but I know it meant something to him. I don’t celebrate any holidays so that was just another day to me. I explained to him the importance of learning to love being alone and the fact that I was going with another man really meant nothing to me because neither of us (my travel buddy and I ) was looking at it that way and we booked a space with more than enough room for us to have privacy. The issue shouldn’t have been inappropriateness, the point of this was to get used to the idea that being in a relationship does not mean that I own someone else’s thoughts and decision-making ability and vice versa. I can still make my own choices and have a healthy relationship with trust and respect.

Anyway, there’s the back story, now you can pick up where I left off and watch Day 1 of my trip to Jamaica.

Would you ever do something like this?

Let me know. I’d love to read your opinions on the matter.

With much love and light,


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