Dear World…Part 2

Handles holding a world with the words dear world part 2 and a logo on the bottom that reads dear life traveler

Dear World,
This past year has been tough for a lot of people. It has been tough for me for sure. My life has changed so much, and I struggle with working towards a new beginning because I am not sure how to proceed in a new world. You’ve taught me a lot throughout my life, but now I find myself having to re-adapt to a new norm. I can’t continue to be a caterpillar all of my life. I know that at some point, I have to evolve into something else, until I reach my ultimate form. World, what else do you have in store for us? You never cease to amaze me. I will never feel like I truly know you, for you are ever changing. 

As I began 2020, I started off rocky. The things I had become very familiar with began vanishing from my life. Some of my teaching jobs were the first things to go. My relationship of 5 years also came to an end before 2020 approached us. I was starting to feel like that was my chance to start a new path towards the beginning of a new chapter. I didn’t feel quite ready to just begin the new chapter, but it felt more appropriate to just prepare to make a transition. I had no idea what that meant, but I knew that I was no longer happy doing the things I had grown so accustomed to doing, so something needed to change. 

I know that at some point, I have to evolve into something else, until I reach my ultimate form


But you! Oh, you! You decided that this was the moment EVERYONE needed to transition. Many people have transitioned from one Job to another, from one place to another, from one career to another, and even from life form to spirit form. However, I do admit that the pain you caused also catapulted us to a new sense of understanding. We will never be the same again. 

The last time I wrote to you, I was in the middle of one of my most life altering transitions. I was scared, I was alone, and I was hurt, but I was also determined. This time around, I feel stronger, I’m still scared, but I also understand how you like to do things a little bit more. You know what you’re doing, I’ll give you that. I guess I still have trouble trusting you sometimes because you tend to be so unpredictable, but I’m learning. So, I just wanted to check in. Let you know that I made it out the craziness I was in when I first wrote to you…and also what we all just went through as a whole. I’m sure this won’t be the last time you throw us a curveball. I’m looking forward to your future lessons. Even if they arrive in the ugliest of gift boxes.

Feeling proud to have passed your tests up to this point,

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